Working Areas

Thematic Areas

We work on the following thematic areas:

Good Governance and Human Rights

We inspire Nepal has always been interested in the work of government, rights of people and the relationship between government and public. WIN has always kept an eye on the work of government and has always been doing work for human rights.

youths engagement and civic engagement
Youth Leadership and Civic Engagement

The world knows that the youth carries extreme enthusiasm and energy which is utilized for good can bring a bring difference in the world. There is an urgency of leadership quality in every youth to put forward their voice, opinions, and ideas. 

health and education
Health and Education

“His wit and vision conquer every state and kingdom is the man with the sound mind, sound body, and wisdom”.The physical, mental, emotional and intellectual wellbeing of mankind is never to be compromised for the wellbeing of the nation, the world rather. Here at We Inspire Nepal ( WIN), we are aware of the importance of good health and good education to every
human being and try the best to work in these areas.

environment sustainablity
Environment Sustainability

The clean and green environment inspires man to work harder. There is a direct relation between man and the environment in which it lives. The cleaner the environment, the healthier the man becomes and the more sustainable development in the environment, more are the benefits to the man kind.

Behavioral Change Communication

The personality of a person is the consequence of his/her behaviors. Behaviors are simply everything which determines people’s attitude and the way of life they are living. Behavioral change communication is an interactive process in which individuals or societies are involved to participate in developing communication techniques and strategies to develop positive behaviors required for adopting proper health and solving world’s most insistent health problems.